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Divine Culture is a Spirit Filled Christian Church led by Pastors Daniel and Elizabeth Banting that focuses on feeding the poor, healing the sick and telling people about the true love of Jesus. We are called to show the broken the true love of Christ.

Together, Pastors Daniel and Elizabeth founded Divine Culture with the heart to raise to life a dead region and bring it back to Jesus. Divine Culture took the church outside the walls launching Church in the Park in Kelsey Park located in Lake Park, FL.


Since Church in the Park launched the crime rate around Kelsey Park has decreased and numerous homeless men and women have been successfully housed and transformed. They are on a mission to bring the prodigals home and back to Jesus.

Pastors Daniel and Elizabeth led a revival on Palm Beach State College PBG Campus together with Kayanah Altidor leading 2 weekly bible studies and a weekly worship service on campus. 

Together this rising ministry power couple walk in a radical relationship with Christ and seek to spark a revival across the nation bringing home the prodigal children, taking back the schools, and shifting the nations in the name of Jesus.

Pastor Daniel is ordained through the National Association of Christian Ministers as well as through Divine Culture Ministries.

 For more information on Divine Culture or to book Daniel & Elizabeth at your next event please email

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